Ethical and Small Scale

The additional stock that compliments our handmade products is not sourced from wholesalers but is bought DIRECT by ourselves from the weavers and individual family businesses we work with.

Nick visiting Blanca at her loom in her workshop in Ecuador.

Because we select each product ourselves, we can observe how it was made and be sure that the family members and workers that have produced these goods have done so in quality conditions.


It gives me great joy that we are friends. Thank you for the work   Blanca

We maintain a loyal relationship with the artisans we buy from so that they too can support themselves and their family sustainably.

When you buy from us you are also supporting these families and their small businesses too.

Guatemalan artisan with bulks of material ready to be made into shirts, tops, trousers and bags.

Helping the local economy and supporting British made products:

When creating our new designs, we use local businesses such as small scale printing shops for our design work, local timber yards when making new screens, and environmental friendly inks from local suppliers. Wherever possible we support small businesses such as ourselves and help the local economy.

John at his desk in John´s DIY Hardware shop. Where we buy all our bits and bobs!

Nick at home in a freshly printed Pink Dancing People

Personal Service

We are a small scale family business and our customers are important to us. Many of our customers we have met over the years have become good friends. We know you are free-thinking people looking for something different and we are always hear to listen and to help wherever possible.


Ethical Shopping

Nick Hooper Design is known for its ethics when it comes to supporting local business and the environment. Recently the Sustainable Fashion Retailer Kitenge mentioned us in their blog, ‘Best Ethical Gift Ideas’. Read their review and find out more about their wonderful products and sustainable practices.


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